Statement Data


Statements are a snapshot of all activity on an account that occurs during a billing date. These periods are typically one month long for all credit products but may differ by issuer.

Statements are submitted for each account within a reporting cycle and the payments from the account holders are included within the statement accordingly.

Once you create an account, you can start furnishing statements. You can create, get, and update statements. The statement includes:

Customer details

  • name # of characters limitation
    • First name (20 characters)
      • If reporting multiple first names, hyphenate the first names.
    • Middle name (20 characters)
    • Last name (25 characters)
      • If the surname contains multiple names, such as Paternal Name-Maternal Name, hyphenate the surnames. i.e. “SMITH-JONES”. If the surname contains separate words, the hyphen is not required i.e. “VAN DYKE”.
        Other than the hyphen, do not report special characters in any
        of the Consumer Name fields.
    • Generation code
  • address
    • Contains billing/mailing address for the primary consumer. If the consumer has a U.S. address and a foreign address, report the U.S. address. If the consumer has never used the U.S. address as a billing/mailing address (e.g., a property address), report the foreign address. If the billing/mailing address does not belong specifically to the consumer, such as a financial counseling site or bill paying service, report the consumer’s home address. The First Line of Address usually includes street number, direction, street name, and type of thoroughfare. If the billing/mailing address is a PO Box or Rural Route, include Box or Route followed by the number (e.g., PO Box 100). Do not report both a street address and a PO Box. If the billing/mailing address is a private mailbox (PMB), the street address should be reported in the First Line of Address (e.g., 5678 Main Street). The PMB number should be reported in the Second Line of Address (e.g., PMB 1234). As an alternative, the entire address can be reported in the First Line of Address; for example, 5678 Main Street PMB 1234. Eliminate internal messages such as: “Do not mail”, “Attorney”, “Charge-off”, “Chapter 13”, “Fraud”, “Trustee”, “Estate of”, “Care of”, “M/R” (Mail Returned), etc. Exhibit 13 provides general rules for address reporting. Do not enter data furnisher's address in this field.
  • city (20 characters) 13 character US postal abbreviation
    • Contains city name for address of primary consumer.
      Truncate rightmost positions if city name is greater than 20
      characters or use standard 13-character U.S. Postal Service
      city abbreviations.
  • Metro2

Nice to know

  • Only the most recent statement date that we've received for the current reporting period will be the one that gets furnished.
  • Historical/prior periods' statements can be updated after being furnished, but the updated statements will only be reflected in the next reporting Furnishment cycle.
  • *if any events happen during the current reporting period after a statement has been sent, the only way to pick up those events is to send another statement for that same reporting period.