Error Codes

The error status codes are defined by the following regular expression:

  • For Client facing errors: ([0-9]{1})([0-9]{2})


"errors": [  
        "status_code": 211  
        "title": "Associated relationship not found,  
        "detail": ""The provided ID is either invalid or was not found:  

Where 2 represents this error occurred during an Account Event process, and the semantics of the error is "Associated relationship not found" (error code 11).

Error Group

Defines a set of error codes grouped by a given endpoint, that may appear in other endpoints as well:

Status Code
Account Events2xx
Consumer Events4xx

Error numbers

The “error number” groups the semantics of the error by code:

  • Request-related errors( x10-x29)

  • Business Logic validation errors (x30 - x49)

  • Metro2 compliance validation (x50 - 79)

  • Logic errors (x80-x99)

Error TitleError CodesPossible ReasonWhat to Check
"Associated relationship not found"11The ID provided in a field in the request body, was not found for the current organization.Make sure the ID described in the error message exits in you organization.
"Value not in enum"12Provided value is not part of the enumCheck the doc for the available enums for the specific field
"Required field is missing"13The value in the request body should not be nullCheck the field mentioned in the detail section of the error and provide a valid value.
"Internal validation error"30There is an inconsistency between two or more field provided in the request data ei: open date > close date
"Update not allowed"31
"Delete not allowed"32
"Event not allowed"33
"Requires start event"34
"Reverse not allowed"35
"Consumer action not allowed"37
"Failed Credit Report validation"50
"Invalid Special Comment Code"51
"Transition not allowed"52