Account Events

Different Account Events:

  1. Deletion

    1. Only inaccurately reported accounts should be deleted.
  2. Closure

  3. Charge-Off

  4. Reposession

  5. Forebearance

  6. Surrender

  7. Collections

  8. Foreclosure

  9. Government Claim filed

  10. Collateral Depreciation

  11. Deed Received Mortgage

  12. Collateral Released

Nice to know

  • In order to report these events in Metro2, you will need to provide details about each event in the respective endpoints.
  • In order for these events to be captured in the reporting cycle of a Furnishment, the event's effective date needs to occur before or on the statement date.
  • If you know that an account might go into collections after a certain time, you can Future date the event to that event as long as it's within that reporting cycle.
  • If an account is currently in foreclosure, but you know that they will be out of foreclosure in a week, you can future reverse that date for that current reporting cycle.