Environments Overview


Bloom offers two API environments, Sandbox and Production. These two environments are wholly separate from one another, each requiring its own set of access-credentials and hosted on a different domain.


The Sandbox API environment allows you to test, integrate, and develop against our complete API in a safe environment, using fake consumer PII and credit data. Sandbox endpoints are meant to mimic production as closely as possible and allow you to integrate without the headache of managing real consumer data until you are ready to do so. Refer to individual endpoint documentation for any per-endpoint differences between Sandbox and Production. You must use only the Sandbox environment to build out your integration with Bloom.


Fake Data Only!

Any data you receive in the Sandbox is fake, procedurally-generated data, not linked to any real person. Likewise, you should not use real consumer information when creating consumers in the Sandbox.

Only the shape of the data is validated, it is not verified. This means you can send in any 9-digit number for the SSN, any address (as long as it's structured properly), any valid date for Date of Birth, etc.

If for any reason you submit real data into our Sandbox environments, let us know so we can remove it from our systems.


This is the environment you will use when you are ready to go live. The Production environment expects real consumer PII (i.e. actual SSN's!) and will return to you real consumer data. Contact your Bloom representative to coordinate the handoff of your production credentials.

Per-Environment Parameters

Authorization URLhttps://auth.bloom.devhttps://auth.bloomcredit.io
Audience Parameterdev-apiapi.bloomcredit.io
API Base URLhttps://sandbox.bloom.devhttps://api.bloomcredit.io


API Credentials change by Environment

API keys are useful for only an specific environment.

If you perform an API call to Production and you get an HTTP 401/403 response, make sure you're using the clientId and clientSecret for production environment.