Metro2 Explained

What is the ECOA (Equal Credit Opportunity Act)?

The ECOA code defines the relationship of the primary consumer to the account and designates the account as joint, individual, etc., in compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

CodeCode Description
1Individual (This consumer has contractual responsibility for this account and is
primarily responsible for its payment
2Joint contractual Liability (This consumer has contractual responsibility for this
joint account)
3Authorized User (This consumer is an authorized user of this account;
another consumer has contractual responsibility.)
5Co-maker or Guarantor (This consumer is the co-maker or guarantor for this
account, who becomes liable if the maker defaults.)
7Maker (This consumer is the maker who is liable for the account, but a co-maker or guarantor is liable if the maker defaults.)
TTerminated (The association with the account has been terminated by this
WDeceased (This consumer is deceased.)
XBusiness/Commercial (This code is used to identify that the company reported in
the Name field is contractually liable for this account.)
ZDelete Consumer (This code is used to delete this consumer from the

Date we received the statement = "Statement Date" = "Account Information Date" on Metro2

  • payment history, current balance, etc. should be included in the current as of date of account information
  • account status will be determined by all of the data leading up to the date of account information
    • days delinquency
    • amount past due
    • current balance