Create Consumer Event

This endpoint is used to create various consumer events.
All events are optional, but one, and only one, event must be provided.
Within each event there are required attributes.

Supported events:

  • bankruptcy_filed: Create a bankruptcy filed event. Starts the bankruptcy
  • bankruptcy_reaffirmed: Create a new consumer bankruptcy reaffirmed event.
    It is an agreement that accounts in question will be paid in full or partially.
  • bankruptcy_withdrawn: Bankruptcy voluntarily dismissed by consumer.
  • bankruptcy_reaffirm_rescinded: Bankruptcy has been rescinded by court ruling.
  • bankruptcy_discharged: Bankruptcy has been discharged and debts have been
    forgiven. Successfully completes the bankruptcy process.

WARNING: Any bankruptcy event for a consumer will remove all authorized users
from the consumer's accounts. If the bankruptcy is reversed, the authorized
users will need to be added back to the accounts.

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