Create Account Event

This is the single endpoint that will capture various account events.
All events are optional, but at least one event must be provided.
Within each event there are required attributes.

Supported events:

  • add_secondary_consumer: Add a secondary consumer to an account.
  • remove_secondary_consumer: Remove a secondary consumer from an account.
  • foreclosure_started: Report a foreclosure started event.
  • foreclosure_completed: Report a foreclosure completed event.
    A foreclosure_started event must already exist for an account before a
    foreclosure_completed event can be created.
  • voluntary_surrender: Report a voluntary surrendered event.
  • collateral_depreciation: Report a collateral depreciation event.
    Represents a credit line is reduced or suspenden due to collateral depreciation.
    To be used for Home Equity or other secured line of credit accounts
  • repossession: Report a repossession event.
  • loan_reinstatement: Report a loan reinstatement event. A collateral event
    (voluntary surrendered or repossession) must already exist to use this event.
  • loan_redemption: Report a loan redemption event. A collateral event
    (voluntary surrendered or repossession) must already exist to use this event.
  • credit_line_suspended: Report an account whose credit line has been suspended.
  • short_sale: Report a short sale event. It should have a valid account status to
    be able to create this event.
  • deed_received_mortgage: Report deed received mortgage event.
  • forbearance: Report forbearance event.
  • close: Report close event.
  • charge_off: Report charge off event. Either the Unpaid balance
    is reported as a loss, or the account paid in full, was a charge-off.
    In order to create an charge-off event with npaid balance reported as a loss,
    the account needs to have at least 30 days delinquent in the previous statement.
  • natural_disaster_start: Report an account affected by a natural disaster.
  • natural_disaster_end: Report a natural disaster end event. There must be an
    existing natural disaster start event for an account before calling this event.
  • transfer: Report a sell or buy transfer type to an account.
  • remove_transfer: Remove an existing transfer of an account.
  • dispute_started: Report a dispute started event.
  • dispute_completed: Report a dispute completed event.
  • delete: Create a delete account event. This event will soft delete the account.
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