Business Accounts

How should a business account be reported when a consumer is personally liable?

  • Report the consumer’s information with ECOA Code 2 (Joint/Contractual Liability) or 5 (Co-maker or Guarantor), as applicable.

  • Report the business name starting in the Surname field (Last Name). The business name may continue into the First and Middle Name fields if needed.

  • Report ECOA Code W (Business/Commercial)

  • Do not report business accounts when companies are solely responsible for payments. Business accounts should be reported only when there are also consumers who are personally liable for payments.


  1. In order for us to furnish a business account, Credit_product account type must be “business credit card”

  2. A business name and address is required upon account creation or update

Validation Error Example

  	"errors": [
        	"title": "Validation Error",
        	"detail": "If credit product is business credit card, business name and address must be included"

Nice to know

For Business Credit Card Account types, you following portfolio and Industry types can be associated to the account:

  • Portfolio Types:

    • Open
    • Revolving
  • Industry Types:

    • Bank or Savings and Loan
    • Credit Card Issuer
    • Credit Union